How it works

The Pro’sweep fits wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, or front / rear linkage of tractors. The sweeper is equipped with a hydraulic motor inside the main brush.Exclusive ABS system (Activ’Bross System). Patented hydraulic system for automatic brush adjustment on uneven floors. The orientation is manual or hydraulic (optional).


  • Exclusivity: ABS system.Hydraulic system for an automatic brush adjustment on uneven ground.
  • Sturdiness: ideal for intensive usage.      
  • Exclusive scraping blade with hydraulic positioning (not available with the collecting box).
  • Collecting box with Easydrive (a third wheel is supplied with the collecting box).


  • Hydraulic orientation by ram left or right +/-30°.
  • Collecting box (not compatible with the scraping blade and with the mud guard)
  • Hydraulic scraping blade (2 or 3 sections with hydraulic positions)
  • Hydraulic offset +/- 200mm
  • Pressurized water system by spray nozzle with a 600L tank on a chassis to be fi xed on rear linkage + 12V pump
  • High flow pressurized water system for connection to a water tank (supplied with no pump)
  • Pressurized water system by spray nozzle + 2 x 100L tanks set on the sweeper + 12V pump
  • Cleaning equipments
  • Hydraulic specifications
  • Spare brush bristles and brush
Width(m) Overall width(m) Collecting box capacity(optional) (L) Weight (Kg)
2.20 2.57 260 650
2.50 2.86 300 750
2.80 3.16 340 850