How it works

The Multi’Spread bedding bucket is available on front loader, 3rd point of linkage and telescopic handler. It spreads a large variety of light products. A large number of options makes it very easy to change from one product to another. The Multi’Spread bedding bucket spreads an uniform layer from 8 to 15 meters width in one passage.
It also makes a precise bedding thanks to the patented side deflector.

The user activates the double acting spool on the machinery handler to drive the augers and the rotation of the spreading blades.
The augers bring the material through 2  openings above the blades.
At high revolutions, the spreading blades spread the material over a wide range to
ensure even litter.


EMILY Advantages

  • Adaptability: possibility to spread a large diversity of light materials by choosing the spreading width from 8 to 15m…
  • Versatility: the Multi’Spread is suitable to poultry, to dairy cattle but also to other breeding type which needs light materials spreading.
  • Precision: ideal for light spreading in poultry or cubicles. The patented side  deflector enables a highly precise spreading with a projection angle of only 21°.
  • Time saving: depending on the adjustments the Multi’Spread can spread up to 4m3 in 30 seconds.
  • Spreading quality: the Multi’Spread ensures a top quality and regular spreading.


  • Spreading speed regulator for chopped straw
  • Spreading speed regulator for sawdust, pellets
  • Side spreading blades
  • Spinning discs for wide width
  • Side spreading deflector
  • Extension 4 m3 (A + 200 mm)