How it works

The Mini’dis Bedding Bucket is especially designed to enable farmers to bed easily lying boxes, poultry houses minimizing dust.
The Mini’dis is designed to spread chopped straw, wood shavings, sawdust and to distribute maize silage (option).
It fits compact tractors, compact loaders, skid loaders and front loaders ( < 80 HP).


Standard equipments

  • Adjustable, removable and bolted adaptation for compact loader, compact tractor and front loader < 80 HP (special adaptation with square tubes 60x 60)
  • PVC belt with steel guiding and sealing profile
  • Distribution to the right and left hand sides
  • Direct drive of the bottom agitator with knives (simultaneously with the belt)
  • Drive of the chain of the top agitator (simultaneously with the belt)
  • Flared end structure to ensure the loading along the walls
  • Minimum oil flow needed 30l/min (max. 50l/min) and 180 bar


  • Especially designed for narrow buildings: flared end structure to ensure the loading along the walls
  • User-friendly, cost-effective, it spreads on the right and left hand sides.
  • Excellent visibility thanks to the top perforated metal sheet
  • Sturdiness: reinforced bucket sides
  • Bolted angled sections on the top agitator (for maize silage)
Weight (Kg)
1.00 100 310
1.20 130 365
1.40 150 430