How it works

Available on loader of compact tractor, skid, compact loader. This is an angled brush (the collector is opened) and it also collects materials (the bucket is thus closed).

Left or right mechanical orientation (+/- 30°).

  • Front mounting
  • Left or right mechanical orientation (+/- 30°) for sweeping.
  • Central position for collecting
  • Independent brush adjustment (127/400 mm)
  • 3 wheels Ø200mm width 50mm
  • Minimum oil fl ow 20L/min



  • 2 functions in one: orientable sweeping and collecting.
  • Perfect adaptation to uneven floors with the floating system.
  • Sturdy.



  • Anti projection deflector
  • collecting box
  • Pressurized water system by spray nozzle with 100L water tank on front 3rd point frame (CAT 0 or 1)
  • Third wheels for an easiest use.
  • Mixed side brush
  • Steel side brush
Width (m) Overall width (m) Weight(Kg)
1,30 1,70 223
1,60 2,00 256