How it works

A version of the MELODIS is available “100% CHOPPED GRASS SILAGE” thanks to its spiral mixer made in Hardox (Melodis 100). This new model has been especially designed for mixing and feeding chopped grass silage (maximum 6cm length) for a Total Mixed Ration (maize, grass, dry food) and optimizes the ration incorparating fiber (short straw).


Standard equipment

  • Spiral mixer with Hardox blades. Double driving of the spiral mixer by 2 hydraulic motors integrated. Blade with polyurethane flaps for Melodis.100.
  • Bucket bottom in 450-Hardox
  • OMEGA shape to optimize the mixing flow in forward and backward motion
  • Hydraulic feeding door in Hardox with large opening synchronized with the distribution
  • Left hand side discharge
  • Hardened heels
  • Adjustable, removable and bolted adaptation for any type of agricultural machinery handler
  • Works with 1 double acting spool + 1 electric supply


  • Total versatility of the bucket: mix and discharge 100% chopped grass silage, maize or a Total Mixed Ration incorporating fiber. Quantity of ration can be adjusted depending on the type and age of herd.
  • HARDOX structure for a strong and light bucket. Optimized volume.
  • Easy to handle and safe (excellent visibillity from the cab).
  • Economical, cost effective: 1 machinery handler only to cut, mix, feed.
  • Fast and precise mixing/feeding.
  • No disintegration of the ration.
  • Large opening door: important distribution flow.


  • Right and left distribution
  • Hydraulic grab
  • Mobile rotor
  • NEW: Stainless sheet 2mm
  • Extra blade (welded or bolted)
  • Inversion direction kit for the mobile rotor with a rotation mark
  • EMILY Connect plug
Working volume (m³) Weight (Kg)
2.40 3.00 1050
3.90 1200
2.60 3.40 1100
4.20 1320
2.80 3.70 1150
4.60 1420