The tank is designed to discharge dry food on the right and left hand sides.
Tank capacity:
– 500L
– 850L with side extensions (optional).
The tank can be equipped with a protective cover.


Standard equipments

  • Ø173mm Archimedes’ screw
  • Adjustable and removable load and flow limiter
  • Designed and suitable for the Pick & Go Bale Fork Carrier
  • Manual swivel chute
  • Right or left distribution
  • Swivel chute locking for transport

Volume: 500 L

Weight: 320 Kg


  • CONVENIENCE, STURDINESS: maintenance free.
  • Larger volume (850L) with side extensions.
  • OPTIMUM PROTECTION: protective cover (optional).


  • 350 L additional tank for 850 L Tank
  • Protective cover
  • Speed variator for manual discharge for 1 distribution side