The AM317 is a self propelled bedding machine. It enables the
cleaning, the scraping and the spreading of the cubicles.



Standard equipment

  • Diesel Kohler 17hp, 4 stroke cycle, 2 cycle engine
  • Hour meter and electric start. Hydrostatic drive to all 3 wheels
  • Variable stroke hyd piston pump for forward motion
  • Gear pump to control all attachments
  • Power assisted orbitrol steering
  • Rear wheel steering with up to 90° movement resulting in a tight 1.35M turning circle
  • Manual electric brake
  • Quick hitch system using one D/A service


  • Small 1.35m turning circle
  • Hydraulic raising to step over obstacles up to 20cm (optional)
  • Exceptional traction and maneuverability with
  • 3-wheel drive and rear wheel steering
  • Up to 14 kph working speed range (forward and backward)
  • Versatile machinery handler with several attachments able to fit the quick hitch system
  • All functions are hydraulically controlled by 2 robust hyd pumps – one for the drive and one for attachments
  • 4X D/A and 1X S/A hyd spool valves


  • Micro’Dis Bedding bucket with included tipping hydraulic chassis (3 models)
  • Side brush
  • Scraping
  • blade (3models)


  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Rear counter weight
  • Spare wheel